Whisper – the color Green

I find Mullein, to be a beautiful herbal plant. The stock on the plant has so many twist and turns. The rosette leaves, stem, and truck is covered with tiny hairs. Mullein has so many things to offer us, including the color green.Mullein Plants

Green, the color of Love.
Green is a mixture of two colors, or a color between blue and yellow in the spectrum, which can be considered the color of balance. Yet when blended with addition colors it takes on a multi set of orders.


  After a snowy cold winter, green can set the emotion of renewal and birth of a new season. Green is one of the earth colors, relaxing, emotionally positive, as-well-as prosperity and wealth. 

green flowers

Green can promote a safe feeling


It can feel so natural, that green can become a background, and allow other plants to be notice.

Scott Valley Foggy morning

Green is one of the four primary colors that can affect people’s moods, depending on how we perceive it and how we use it. Yet the color green is so gentle on our eyes, it requires no adjustment from our brain, meaning the color is perceived as restful.