Whisper – the color Yellow

It Does Not Matter How Small A Flower Is, If It Lures Someone’s Attention.

single yellow flower

 Yellow Flowers Communicate Joy, Freedom, New Beginnings,
I enjoy all four season, summer, autumn, winter,
and the fresh new colors of yellows that appears in the spring.



Two such flower is the daffodil’s, and day lily’s standing tall as if luring someone’s attention.

Yellow Lilly

The effect of yellow when blended with addition colors, takes on a multi set of orders.

Yellow like other colors can change the emotional atmosphere, in your home,
as well as in the landscape. It highlights a darken area, while signaling the come-on appeal.

yellow tulip n daffadil

Yellow has represented the sun; for children, as well as for the Egyptians, yellow represented the sun’s as eternal and indestructible

yellow flower

 Yellow communicates, Love and Joy!