Whisper – the color Purple


Sir Isaac Newton would like the color purple.

Purple, sets a royal presence, yet honors the spiritual mental position it offers. 

Purple is a mixture of two colors, yet in the spectrum, it’s known as indigo or violet,

and when blended with addition colors, it takes on a multi set of orders.

purple hydrangea

The carefree blends of the colorful red, which displays love, and passion, 
combine with the heavens above and a little coolness of blue, creates a perfect living treasure.

Lavender flower

Purple can display the depth of richness in quality, allowing the level of thought and meditation.

Lilac hibiscus

It’s royal color attracts attention promoting a bold statement to a whimsical feeling.

Purple’s, creative energy allows imagination and intuition to flow.

purple flower

Surrounded by purple you can become lull, restful, tranquillize, 


When twilight greets the heavens, in these moments we are blessed with the shortest wavelength evoking a calming feeling.

purple flower

As the sun, motion awakens the beginning, so does the color purple,
encouraging uplifting riches of qualities, creations, embodies balance, intuition, sense, and spirituality