Whisper – the color Blue


Sapphire and diamonds beam brightly like jewels
upon the ocean of blue skies.

.blue sign 


As the sun rises and falls, light around us slowly changes,
allowing blue to blend with addition colors and
permitting it to take on multi sets of orders.



Oceans reflects the sky, and our perspective of how we see the blue
is influenced by the depth of the sea, 
the multicolored ocean floor,
the angles, the distance, including the height, above sea level.
 These blends will compose new cool refreshing colors and feelings.



Blue is tranquil, physically and mentally on the human body and mind.

 Blue is color of loyalty, providing a sense of order,
yet it is a friendly and peaceful color.



Blue is like magic,

It’s a color shared in the chakra for communication, and also used in color therapy.
Blue can create a sense of softness, yet at times it seems very bold.

Blue brings to mind, spirituality, and a hint of heaven allowing a sense of calmness to relax.