Whisper – the color Orange


As I gaze upon this daily miracle, nature has a way of staging sunsets naturally.

Colorfully the sun-rays beams its final moments,
as it drifts downward passing over the bottom edge of the horizon. 

Suddenly, my emotions deepens as it moves within the closing light.
I then take a deep breath, again attentive for sunrise.

 – Malia Plevney-

field with orange ski

Orange is a spectrum color found between red and yellow.
It is a well balance color, that is mostly seen during sunrise or sunset.
At times the orange has a softness creating a gentle feeling,
this natural manifestation is noticed when the sunlight wave-lengths
are passing through a mixture of dust particles.

maui palm

When orange is blend with addition colors it takes on multi sets of orders,

535 sunflower

Like yellow, orange presents joyousness feelings.
Orange is a fantastic accent color
to brighten the landscape, as well as inside a home.

orange flowers

Orange can draw anyones attention, near and far.
Orange is found in a burning flame, representing warmth.

bird of paradise flower

Orange stimulate the brain with enthusiasm and reminds us of the tropics.
Humans associate orange with food, harvest time, and
one of the four calendar seasons,  Autumn.

hibiscus flower

Orange, like other colors has spirit, a vital spark, and is recognized as one of the Chakras.


Orange is used as a healing color,
Orange is Love, a color from the rainbow, and a universal spiritual teaching.