Whisper – the color Black



Have you ever reached into a dark closet allowing only your finger tips to locate what you’re trying to find.

Have you every notice how much light is absorb within the dark.

I once asked a friend, “What is it like being blind?”, his reply was,
“I don’t know?” “I have nothing to compare it to.”
My friend was blind since childhood.
Wondering back to those moments when we were young,
 both of us filled with uncertainties, we spoke of our dreams, wishes, and hope.
Our emotions of fears differ, just like the understanding of sight, and the unseen.


Black is the absence of all color, at least for these old eyes it seems to be.
The ritual of walking into light, and the expectancy of darkness is a blessing at times.


Darkness can make a room romantic, allowing lite candles set the mood.

A glow from the horizon enhances the deep shadows changing the feeling to warmth.


Darkness, or the depth of blackness can allow our sense
of impression create a mysterious imagination.


Knowing this!
Do you think?  The eyes, mind, or imagination is what leads us to the
perception of black.  

In nature a black flower is rare, so rare that in true form the actual deep rich color
 may have a low or no visible light (spectrum) when reflected back to the human eye.
According to science the red color may have the longest wavelength
yet it also has the least amount of energy in the visible spectrum.


Black Magic Hollyhock plant is a beautiful deep rich red flowers, yet within seconds
 our brain may give the impression of the color black.
Calla Lily, a deep purple or maroon, still can fool the eye, 
The Chocolate Cosmos and the Black Dahlia,
are enhanced with a deep, deep burgundy or chocolate color.

Lava national park, bend, oregon 

Like flowers, the color of fruits and vegetables can fool the eye,
also the lack of knowledge and understanding may surprise our views.
The olive is a fruit harvested during its green to purple stage.
The canned black olive we see,
possibly containing ferrous sulfate or other chemicals, turning them black artificially.

 Earth has provided many natural resources living and non-living that are outside the visible light spectrum list,
such as coal, charcoal, soot, graphite, basalt,decompose organic matter, minerals and more. 


The physical color of black is associated with the ideas of powerless to strength,
and is effected by culture understand, spiritual adaptation,
religious comformities and objects of special attention or preference.

night picture at fair

In spite the fact that black has no clear message,
it’s a step into the future of unknown.

evening at the fair

Forty years have passed since I last seen my friend in person,
yet even in the darkness of black, I can vision him very clearly.