The earth has provided us with so many beautiful gifts, my favorite Crystal Quartz’s is the Amethyst.


Most amethyst today come from Brazil Or Uruguay, even though it still can be found all over the world.
The highest quality amethyst is considered to come from Russia, the Ural Mountains.


The colors of amethyst vary from pale pinkish amethystine to a dark blue-violet, with shades of wine red, even sometimes gray.
This beautiful stone has been used for jewelry to healing since ancient times.

Amethyst pendant

This very special quartz is found in many different rocks and many different forms, yet most amethysts share a few basic properties, beyond color.


After a long period of time most quartz can become pale when left directly under sunlight, such as citrine, pink quartz, smoky quartz.

amethyst braclet

In feng shui, amethyst is used for its purification qualities.
With the deep indigo hue amethyst also has the ability to connect to higher planes of energy.