98 years and counting


“Born March 25, 1918” Doris Rhodefer would quote to me very proudly as she sits tall in her chair, and like a queen she would scan the room to see whom was listening insuring herself she had an audience.


Unknowing to her she did, all will be revealed after lunch when she return from Mt Shasta Resort.


Her birthday greeting started early when she woke up, a purple balloon tied to her walker, with a huge Happy Birthday pin to the entry door of her room. As we enter the front entry doors of Shasta View Nursing Center, held in hand was a bouquet of balloons, a bouquet of flowers, and greeting birthday cards for her to enjoy reading while waiting for lunch to be served, which her favorite is a hamburger well-done with American cheese, no onions and pickles, also french fries and coke over ice.


The day was busy at the nursing center, resident seniors were decorating eggs for the Easter egg-hunt coming up in a day and a half, volunteers and employee meetings, visitors visiting family members coming and going.


Yet, no matter how busy the resident staff was, many of them took a moment to wish Doris a Birthday greetings…which made her special day last into the evening.


Happy Birthday Doris Rhodefer!



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