Veterans Day: Never Once


I do not know what nightmare you had gone through

I do not know how lonely you felt time to time

Never once did you share your sorrow

Never once


Yet, I do know you were proud to live in your home country

I do know you left your family to go to battle

I do know it spared us from sorrow

Keeping the nightmare of war away


We, our families are grateful for  freedom,

the men, women, you, brother, sister, and our ancestry

lay before us

Unknowing what it took during those hours


We thank you for waking to a bomb-less morning

We thank you to the surrounding life of peace

Never once did you share your sorrow

Never once


Malia Plevney



We all dream at one time or another, day dreams allowing our mind to drift off in between projects, dreams during our evening sleep, or no matter what time of the day.

Many of us have dreams of meaning, sending our inner thoughts a message or a clue, dreams of reminders, and for most of us we like sweet dreams reviewing a special moments that allow us to start a new day with a sunshine thought.


Dreaming of waterfall, can be associated with the flow of one’s emotions, insights and idea. On the other hand it could
symbolize passage of time in its natural state of creation and beauty allow a restful place of solitude, relaxation, or cleansing of ones mine, oneself physically, maybe emotionally and the list goes on…

I like to share a Robert Moss dream with you and hope you enjoy it as I had.,