Malia Plevney

I am a Dreamer, by day I am a freelance photographer and jewelry designer.
I donate time to fundraisers such as Purr Angels for homeless cats and Rescue Ranch for abused dogs,
including fundraisers for other local needs.

Malia and Ronplevneys-carol,nina,bob,beatrice,harry

I am married to my work, hubby (Ron) and 2 of man’s best friends, Max, a Lab/Retriever and Missy, a Boston Terrier.

I enjoy the special gift my mother gave me, Life!


I am a proud mother and grandmother and second oldest of nine children.
I love Hawaiian music, and honor my mothers and families Hawaiian etiquette and customs..
I enjoy poetry, I eat for joy, I like sailing, power boating and stream fishing,
I enjoy gardens, and my personal goal is be contented within myself.

My main artistic interests is Creating images to become a picture of comfortable memories, while I sing and write poetry.

DSC_5443Lauhala-weavingKnowing-your-self-PlevneysMaliaWhiteHarleyBike2933sistersILoveYOU 100pxgirls herding pig


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